'Tine Days

It seems like it wasn't so long ago that we were wishing each other a happy new year. Now, the season of love is upon us. By the way, if we are yet to cross paths this year, then nice to meet you and happy new year!

With Christmas seeming to start earlier every year, it looks like Valentine's Day may do the same - but with a twist.


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Welcome Galentine's Day 

As has been the tradition for centuries, Saint Valentine's Day falls on 14th February, a nod to the 'lovebirds' of Spring. Couples show their love for one another with flowers, sweets, chocolates, and greeting cards.

In addition to romantic love, we have many other loves in our lives, and it is right to honor the wonderful people who make our lives complete, and shower them with gifts and love. Plus, not everyone is in blissful coupledom.

Step forward Galentine's Day!

This celebration takes place on 13th February, and is a more inclusive affair. According to legend, the day was invented by Leslie Knope on the TV show Parks and Recreation. As the portmanteau word implies, it's all about the ladies: your girlfriends, your girls, your gals. When combined with Valentine's, you have a perfect excuse to get the gals together. Let's drink to that!


Birth of Palentine's Day

Continuing the story, there must have been a great deal of injustice in the Kingdom, since only the girls and ladies were sipping champagne (or was it Prosecco, or tea?), eating chocolates, and showering each other with gifts and love.

Then one day, a mythical being with his boy/other friends/pals gathered them all together on the same day, and the tradition of Palentine's Day, was born. Now, no one in the Kingdom was left out anymore, and everyone had a wonderful time showing love for one another.

Love all year

As New Year has its eve, it looks like Valentine's Day may have gotten its equivalent. Now we have more than one choice when it comes to 'Tine Day.

The excitement of setting aside a few days every year to enjoy our love for each other is lovely, but the sensation of truly loving and caring for each other all year long, from New Year's Day to the eve of the following, would be truly magical.

It could mean chocolate treats and gifts all year long. Look no further, we've got you covered.

Happy Galentine's / Palentine's / Valentine's Day(s)!

Del x

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