Above and Beyond for You

We are a growing business proud to be MADE IN UK, as we save you time and help you gift ethically, hassle-free and like a pro.

Our founder is often at local artisan markets scouting for fine quality, local, ethical, sustainable products to bring to you in our hand assembled with love gift hampers, and establishing direct relationships with suppliers. We are proud of our unique features:
🎁 Local
🎁 Fine Quality
🎁 Provenance – we care deeply how our products are sourced and made
🎁 Sustainable – your gifting goodies come in an up-cyclable gift box, filled with sustainable wood wool
🎁 Hand Assembled with Love ❤️

Beyond these we are especially proud of our personal service that goes above and beyond for our customers in many ‘small’ ways.

If you happen to forget to include your free message card for your recipients, if we’ve got your phone number (and permission to use it!), we’ll call, select the card with you and include your message.

When we sent a gift for the birthday of a centenarian (a very independent 104 living on their own!), we made sure the bow wasn’t too tight and for the message in the card, we used a larger font. In this case, we also sent a picture of the gift to the sender … we sensed it would make their day!

A customer put in an urgent order after our processing time for the day, we knew how important it was to them, so we worked a little later, and joined a very long post office queue on a freezing Friday night in the height of winter.

A customer was buying a food treat for themselves and thinking of repurposing the gift box, and wasn’t sure the knitted item they’d had made and wanted to send on would fit in. We asked them to measure the item, and we changed the box size to fit for their repurposing needs. We were delighted that the gift box was destined for multiple lives, and another opportunity to do our bit for the environment!

Those examples are for starters … it’s all about relationships for us. We love partnering with our customers (you) and our suppliers.

Happy gifting!

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