We believe in
locally made products

We work with
award-winning artisans

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beautifully crafted sustainable gifts

Peace Lily | A Gift Worth Giving

At Peace Lily, we help people find, choose, and give the
perfect gift every time.

Working with some of the UK's most talented artisans, we
provide stunningly crafted, sustainable gifts & hampers complete with
gorgeous packaging and free delivery.

So if you're searching for the ideal gift - whether it's
for a family member, friend, or client - we invite you to browse our artisan collection.

Pursuing Ethical and Sustainable Shopping? Look No Further!

At Peace Lily, we're dedicated to making sustainable and ethical gifting more accessible. Here are a few of the ways we're doing our part to promote sustainability and reduce waste:

Our gifts are thoughtfully crafted using recycled or eco-friendly materials, underscoring our commitment to circularity.

We partner with local artisans to minimise our carbon footprint. In some cases, they're located just a stone's throw away!

We take a holistic approach to gift-giving by using eco-friendly packaging. This ensures that every aspect of your gift aligns with our sustainability goals.

Our gifts are not only environmentally friendly, but also meaningful and unforgettable. Plus, they're less likely to end up in the bin. By choosing our eco-friendly gifts, you show that you value both the recipient and the planet.

By choosing our eco-friendly gifts, you can show support for a greener future.

Gourmet Ketchup Gift Set Coffee and Chocolate Hamper Chocolate Lovers Hamper Artisan Tea and Treats Hamper Tea and Biscuits Gift

That's the Peace Lily Promise

Beautifully Crafted, Sustainably Sourced.

When we launched Peace Lily, our dream was to work with the UK's most talented, ambitious artisans around to craft the perfect gifting experience. A year later, we're achieving just that ... We're building relationships with a handful of artists that not only craft the most stunning artisan gifts and hampers but also use sustainable methods and materials - providing you with one-of-a-kind, heartfelt gifts that are great for the environment.

Meet Our Artisans

Sarah Churchill

From her Gloucester base, Sarah a trained chef and passionate foodie creates delicious award winning preserves. Now at 132 Great Taste Awards ... and counting!

Chef Bernie

From his Hampshire kitchen, Chef Bernie makes award winning vegan and gluten free sauces with a belief that all food is better when as natural as possible.

Natalie Edwards

From her 'Button Room' in Gloucestershire, Natalie handcrafts UKCA tested soft toys with the finest wools and fills them with upcycled natural materials.

Our Vision

To put a stop to the plague of boring, generic gifts

Our Mission

To fuel relationships across the UK with unique, bespoke
gifts from top artisans

Our Office

Lily Group Limited, 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9JQ.

Company No.: 13778343.

Mon - Fri, 9:30am - 5pm
Saturday, Closed.
Sunday, Closed.

Questions? Get in touch.

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