The benefits of giving and how your business can do it

Why Business should give to their employees and clients by Peace Lily Gifts

Before exploring the many positive aspects of businesses gifting and how to, let's unwrap what we mean by corporate gifting. To put it simply, corporate gifting is the act of companies giving.

Corporate giving can take many forms. It can be giving within the organisation to teams, departments, or individuals. It can also be giving externally to clients, charities, sponsors, or donors. Companies can give time, make donations, sponsor events, or give gifts.

Giving by businesses is generally commended, although some types of corporate giving have been met with suspicion. For example, climate activists have criticised large oil companies for their sponsorship of the arts. 

Why give?

On a personal and human level, we know that being kind and giving improves our wellbeing and physical health, extends our lifespan, as well as help to reduce stress.

When we give to others, we feel good, we connect to those around us, and we make other people feel important, appreciated and taken care of. Giving spontaneously and selflessly brightens someone else's day.

For companies, giving can be a powerful marketing tool since it places the company at the forefront of the minds of the recipients, as well as enhancing the brand, image, and standing of the business with prospective employees, suppliers, and clients.

Moreover, giving is a great way to show appreciation and recognition to all those a business has a relationship with - from customers, suppliers, to employees.

Taking steps to recognise employees, departments, and teams for their hard work and skill has been shown to improve productivity, performance consistency, customer satisfaction, decrease staff turnover and increase employee engagement.

Although a known powerful and cost-effective tool of improving organisational performance, recognition remains underused.

Employees want to be appreciated and recognised

Giving to your staff and teams is essential. Besides bad bosses, research shows the other top reasons valued employees quit are too heavy workloads and a lack of recognition. Two out of three employees would leave if they didn't feel appreciated. Among millennials, the figure jumps to 76% who would leave if under-appreciated. Employees and teams expect more than wages, benefits, flexible work options, and career development and training for their hard work and skills.

As an antidote to the much reported toxic culture driving resignations, we recommend a culture of gratitude!

According to Gallup, the best managers promote a recognition-rich environment, with praise coming from every direction and everyone aware of how others like to receive appreciation. Send an unexpected gift, extend an invitation to an event aligned with staff interests or development goals, pour praise on a team, send inspiration messages, forward ideas, provide compliments, and give positive feedback. These are all ways leaders and managers can show appreciation and recognition.

Thank you card for employee and staff on their key board

Breed a culture of gratitude

Creating and maintaining a positive, encouraging workplace is vital. A work environment and culture devoid of recognition and where you feel replaceable can be challenging and demotivating. The exit door becomes increasingly appealing, and invariably employees and teams move on to jobs where they are rewarded for their efforts, hard work and dedication.

Managers can make their employees feel appreciated by giving them positive feedback and praise. Emails and meetings are acceptable methods of giving praise, but what about a handwritten personal message in a greeting card?

A thoughtfully selected gift - regardless of the value - can make staff feel valued, appreciated, and make an impact on the success of the company. How about a surprise hamper for a team at a breakfast or lunch meeting, or even if they are working from home?

With Covid, Eunice, and other storms of life we have experienced these last couple of years, engaging and motivating our teams as well as supporting their wellbeing have never been more important. How have you expressed your appreciation towards loved ones, employees, teams, and clients?

How we can help 

Through Peace Lily Gifts, we help businesses give gifts to their employees and clients. We help businesses tell their story to customers. We help businesses create and implement gifting programmes that make a difference.

Our prompt, personalised service is available regardless of the size of your hamper with personal message greeting card and overall order. We listen to your needs, select and package your hamper beautifully, send your message quickly to the recipient, and deliver immediately - if you need it.

Call us today.  Let's make it happen!


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