Gifts Under £30

Gifts Under £30

After the last few years, it's more important than ever to connect meaningfully with our special people. By showing appreciation regularly and spontaneously, we signal that we don't take them for granted.

Gifting is one way to show appreciation. The very thought of sending a gift is a great start. Choosing the right gift to show that you get the recipient transforms gift-giving into something truly wonderful!

Discover lovely gifts under £30 from our collections - ideal for saying thinking you, thank you or just because you care.


Every popular, who does not like afternoon tea? Featuring British Grown tea, Shortbread from an award-winning maker in Edinburgh, artisan Jam and yummy scones. From £28.


Who does not like food? Although food is a necessity, it is also a comfort and a luxury, so food hampers make a great gift not only for your foodie friends, but for anyone. Whether they like things savoury, sweet or are chocoholics, we have you covered.

Food gifts are also versatile, fun to share and thoughtful (especially if someone can't get to the shops themselves). Gourmet food gifts are also great when people like to try foods they won't usually pick up themselves.

From Peace Lily, you and your recipients can enjoy some rare food combinations and best in class foods from award winning makers. From £25.


Show someone you care today with a spa gift. Save the hassle, time and expense of getting to a spa centre, and let them pamper themselves and relax in the comfort of their home. You know how good spas are at supporting wellbeing, happiness, sleep and boosting energy levels too. From £14.


You can give your recipient the chance to choose whatever they'd like from our diverse range of gifts. It's certainly one way to avoid unwanted gifts that end up in landfill, a charity store or being passed on! From £10.


Greeting cards and postcards are great at making an emotional connection between the sender and recipient. The words inside can make the card more special and memorable. Cards can make the recipient feel more connected, less isolated, feel valued and comforted - all contributing positively to their wellbeing.

In theory, you could send words by text messaging or email. However there is something more profound knowing that someone has put in the care and effort to send a card. 

Every Peace Lily Hamper comes with a complimentary card for your personalised message. 

Gifting is about showing care and connecting. With these lovely gifts all £30 or under, you've got even more reasons to gift hassle-free and like pro!

Shop gifts £30 and under now.


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