Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day is fast approaching! Do you have the perfect gift for your Dad(s) in all their forms? Are you still looking? We have a variety of hampers, and we can help you choose the perfect gift by applying our LINK principles. Let's do this together ...


Perhaps Dad's love language is words of affirmation? The fantastic card from Handmade Happiness of Cheltenham is a great option to heap lots of praise and compliments Dad's way. He is sure to be enthralled with the positive reinforcement.

The other love languages are #2: Physical Touch. #3: Receiving Gifts. #4: Quality Time. #5: Acts of Service.


What is your Dad really into, particularly in their free time? How do they relax in downtime? What hobbies have they got? What topics or even colours excite them? Do they have a favourite snack, book or indulgence?

If your Dad relaxes by cooking up a storm or perhaps appreciating art, the Apple and Oak Salt and Pepper Mill Set and Tray may be the perfect gift for them. This find of functional sculptural art Salt and Pepper Mill Set, hand carved from rescued apple and oak woods, is sure to stand out on any dining table or kitchen. The unique set is beautifully crafted by a Gloucestershire artisan to be used and loved every day.

Perhaps Dad is a budding writer who still does this the old fashioned way on paper? Would they appreciate a unique and carefully selected pen to get their creative juices running free?

The key point here is a gift that gives your Dad either more time or useful resources to relax in their favourite way.

#3. N = NEEDS

Generally, people are either in need of money or time. If Dad is in need of money, a gift card or vouchers may be the answer. However, if Dad is short of time, it may be wise to avoid gift cards or vouchers that they have to take time out to figure how to spend it, or items that are overly complicated that costs them time.

Our human needs vary from the basics of food and shelter to our growth needs psychologically – love and belonging, for self-fulfilment and spiritually. Depending on your Dad's perceived psychological needs, can you do something together? Does your Dad just want to spend time together or need someone to spend time with?

This is a huge bonus if your Dad's rich on time with a love language of quality time, especially if you then combine this with a couple of their interests (order a large snack box, select a movie from their favourite genre and sit down together for movie night!). Alternatively, time for a mini-spa treatment with Dad?!


Does your Dad have a favourite charity or kind cause you could support? Does the gift you are choosing for your Dad have a positive effect on wellbeing, the environment and society? Is your gifting ethical and sustainable? 

Our Ancient Norfolk Bog Oak gifts are hand carved by a Gloucestershire artisan from 5000 year oak with a highly studied design, that is sure to impress! Stylish, minimalist, elegant, ethical, exclusive.

That concludes the application of the L-I-N-K principles combined with gift ideas for Father's Day. Find more gifts here. Happy gifting!

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