How Do You Find Such Great Artisans and Makers?

Peace Lily showing Artisan Crochet Toy Gift Maker
We find the incredible artisans and makers (we never say suppliers!), and their products that feature in our gift box hampers right here in the UK. It's a great question I often get asked so I thought best to put pen to paper.
In addition to featuring the finest from as many UK regions as possible, at Peace Lily Gifts, we take special care to make sure that all our suppliers are ethical, local, and sustainable because these values align with our brand.
Peace Lily Gifts features Artisan Jam Gift maker
Finding amazing artisans with such great quality products is a mix of trawling the great Interweb which is desk-based, navigating competition shortlists and award winners or exploring craft fairs, food festivals and markets at the weekends. Whatever the means, we do a lot of research to get the best and finest.
What does that process look like from start to finish? Take a look below ... yes, that's what it takes.
 Peace Lily features Process for New Artisans and Makers
We are delighted that over the last few months we have been able to transition successfully to direct relationships and purchases with artisans and makers. We are happy to talk on the phone, send emails, video conference but even better it's fantastic when we can meet with our lovely artisans and makers in person over a lovely cuppa, and we get to do that!
Peace Lily features Artisan Coffee Maker
I sometimes pinch myself wondering how we got to be so fortunate collaborating with so many amazing people. Yo can too as you get to support them and the wider small business economy when you purchase any of our gift box hampers and show appreciation to the special people in your life. Every one of your orders is a vote of confidence in UK makers and industry. How good does that feel!

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