Hamper of the Month

Peace Lily Hamper Gift of November 2022 Scented Candles

Know anyone in need of a little TLC? This month the spotlight is on our spa and pamper hampers.

The hampers come with vegan-friendly and artisan soy scented candles, bath bombs, body scrubs and inspirational books, and of course a complimentary card for your personalised messages.

The hampers are perfect for creating a reinvigorating or relaxing luxurious home spa experience.



This is the perfect little gift for a friend or colleague who needs a little pick me up. Remind them of how amazing they are, and nudge them to have a relaxing bath with the chamomile bath bombs. Ahhh ... a soak for the body and mind.



Our luxury soy scented candles are lovingly made to provide you with hours of fragrant bliss. Hand-poured into a glass holder, the candles offers up to 45 hours of burn time.

The uplifting Daylight Scented Candle awakens and evokes a sense of optimism. The energising and stress bursting Sunshine Scented Candle gets you up and moving!

The Dreams Scented Candle creates a calm and relaxing atmosphere for a better mood, and a sense of peace. The Night Scented Candle offers you a seductive and sensual atmosphere, luring one into a world of imagination and fantasy. 

Want them all or most of them? Indulge with the Discovery Set featuring three scented candles each creating unique atmospheres. 



For more calm and relaxation in your life, our scented candles are matched with body scrub and bath bombs from The Natural Spa.

The naturally scented sugar-based body scrubs are enriched with essential oils and botanicals to give you the best home spa experience, and the bath bombs are made using natural essential oils and enriched with kaolin clay, and Epsom salts, mess-free and perfectly sized for an aromatherapy experience.

The Natural Spa products are handmade in small batches in Devon, plastic free and vegan.

For more calm and self care in your life and that of your recipients, shop our fragrant candles and spa gift sets that take you from dawn to dusk here.

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