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Hamper of the Month Apple Wood and Oak Salt and Pepper Mill Set Gift from Gloucestershire

Our Hamper of the Month is the unique Apple and Oak Salt and Pepper Mill Set and Tray.

This is a rare find, a hand-carved salt and pepper Mill set from 140-150-year-old apple and oak wood trees, locally sourced within Gloucestershire. This product will set the stage for your dining room table, or do you know someone who would love this?

The maker is Richard of RS Rare Woods, and here are a few words from him:

The applewood salt and pepper mills are made from branches of an old tree in my own garden. The trees were part of an orchard before the houses were built in 1904, making the trees approximately 140 - 150 years old, and still fruit every year. The branch had to be removed as it broke under the weight of the fruit on it one year.

The base is made in oak wood from a local high end cabinet maker's off-cut that was destined for either landfill or burning.

I turn wood in much the way a sculptor works with stone or marble, I let the wood tell me what it wants to be made into. The name of Rare Woods came about from the use of recovered timber, rather than exotic timber ... Knowing the provenance of the timber I turn, that is the rare part.

To learn more or to buy this very unique gift, please visit our online store: https://www.peacelilygifts.com/products/apple-and-oak-salt-and-pepper-set-and-tray 

Happy gifting!

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