Happy Festivities!

 Peace Lily wishes you a Merry Christmas

With the Winter Solistice upon us, we can look forward to longer days and a season of renewal and new beginnings.  We hope for you that in the midst of the activity leading up to or during the celebrations, you find some quiet time to reflect and nourish your inner self. 

Whatever festive occasion you will be marking, be it Christmas, Hanukah,  Kwanzaa or other, we also hope you remember to place connection at its heart. This precious time is more than merely giving and receiving presents, which are lovely and thoughtful acts. People love to be shown love in various ways so we can also give our time and complete kind gestures for others. These speak volumes too. Oooh ... and everything in moderation!

We also want to say thank you for supporting Peace Lily and its makers and artisans this year.

We wish you a beautiful winter solstice, merry Christmas and a happy New Year!



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