How to Build a Corporate Gifting Strategy

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It's an age old marketing strategy that doesn't get enough credit. Corporate gifting is the secret for boosting retention, closing deals & repeat business, both inside & outside your organisation.

In essence, corporate gifting is a way to send meaningful gifts to employees, customers and leads. Each involves slightly different strategies, but the core elements remain the same:

1. The Audience: Who are your gifts intended for?
2. The Goal: Why are you sending these gifts?
3. The Logistics: How and when to send them.
4. Choosing the Gifts - The fun part!

Ace Your Corporate Gifting Strategy - Peace Lily Gifts

The Steps to Building Your Strategy

Ace Corporate Gifting with these top tips and steps:

1. Choose who you are gifting: Tailor your gifts to employees, leads or clients depending on your objectives, like to
- Show appreciation to employees
- Break through or close leads
- Retain good clients.

2. Time it right: Delve into the perfect time to send gifts, depending on the recipient. A strategy that works for your employees might be too much for your leads.

3. Time to Choose Gifts: Now you have your audience, goals & schedule. It’s time for the fun to start. Choose your gifts!!

At Peace Lily Gifts, we have a delightful range of Hampers, making any gift you choose truly special.

4. Plan Distribution and Send: It’s now time to deliver your gifts and we have two options you can choose from.

First, you can deliver all of your gifts to one place and personally hand the gifts yourself if you’ll be seeing the recipients of the gifts. The second option is to order your custom gifts with the recipient's address & we will deal with delivery for you.

Now, you’re ready to go make an impact and light up the smile of everyone who receives a gift!

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