Happy International Week of Happiness at Work

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Did you know that the last week of September each year has been declared International Week of Happiness at Work? Until recently, I had no idea it existed!

There is little doubt that happier staff members are more productive, engaged, and just more pleasant to work with. When we consider the Great Resignation, Quiet Quitting and wider disengagement, focusing on happiness at work is a no-brainer.

Surely we should be able to experience happiness all year round, and not just during certain weeks? With our work life, whether paid or unpaid, taking up a good chunk of our lives, it makes sense to prioritise happiness here. It'd be great to have the utopia of being happy at work, working with happy people who radiate happiness to each other, with ever appreciative clients and customers. Then again, how many work places are like that?

So, where to start? Here are a few tips to get you started: beginning with yourself and then moving on to what you could do with coworkers, employees, or teams. You won't need to do a major overhaul - just a few tweaks could yield results!

1. Be grateful with what you have

In other words, less complaining and more time spent looking for the positives in your life - that includes at work.

You could start with saying thank you to those around you, or you could go one step further and keep a gratitude journal. You'd be amazed at the transformation in your attitude and the ripple effect.

2. Keep well

Happy people are rarely slobs who do not look after themselves. Make the time for physical activity, eat well and get enough sleep.

Whether you're working from home or in the office, how about a lunchtime walk (solo, with a colleague or neighbour)?

3. Set an example of positivity

It doesn't have to be a major personality overall (don't frighten your colleagues and team!), however, when last did you walk round the office with a smile on your face? Are your choice of words, spoken or written, encouraging and empowering?

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4. Maintain healthy workloads and a supportive environment

All of the above come with a caveat, especially if you're the team leader or boss. Your workplace must be adequately staffed and resourced if it is within your control, and you must treat staff fairly. If you don't, your employees may resent you more! The basics need to be right.

5. Show appreciation

Spontaneously or planned, recognise and reward your employees, colleagues or teams frequently. It goes a long way to create a wholesome environment and shows you do not take them for granted.

Your appreciations could be praise or more tangibly, through gifting. At Peace Lily, we can help you out if you're unsure where to start. Get in touch.

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There are some ideas to bring a little more sunshine and warmth into your work life - this week and beyond. Good luck, and a happy International Week of Happiness at Work!



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