What Gift Can I get Someone Who Has Everything?

This person that has it all simply has everything and wants for nothing. They own everything they could possibly want or need. If they need something, they go out and get it for themselves. There is no waiting or saving up for the latest home décor, the coolest gadgets or gizmo, latest fashion, make up, holiday or experiences. 

Today we explore how to give great gift for this hard-to-shop-for type. A great gift is one that is truly joyfully received, and it is often thoughtful and relevant to the recipient. A lousy gift is the opposite. It may have been thought through (or not) but somehow fails to enthral the receiver.

Here are our top tips for finding the perfect gift for this special group of people so you get in and stay in their good books.


Firstly, it is about your attitude. Resist the ‘they’ve got it all, why bother’ attitude! Why? Because, you're better than that and you bother as they matter and so does having a relationship with them.

Ever encountered advice that the easiest way to buy a gift for this kind of person is to focus on consumable gifts like a bottle of port, an exotic spice blend, or provide you with a list of weird and wacky outlandish gift ideas that are totally unusable unique gifts that are ridiculously ostentatious or likely to be heading to landfill? It says the easiest which is code for the laziest! We are all about reducing waste: of your money, resources, time - especially in the cause of gathering up gifts that people won’t really use or enjoy.

Great gifting requires genuine effort on your part to get results. If you detest looking for gifts, try to spend as little time as possible choosing them, or fob your gift giving on other people, it shows. A great gift, once more, should be appreciated and welcomed by the receiver. It should appear thoughtful, carefully considered and chosen specifically for the recipient.

Secondly, to achieve gifting awesomeness, you will need your skills of observation and must pay close attention to your gift recipient. Ideally, you need to know them!

And, you'll need our top notch principles to help you now and with your future gifting, not a long list of the weird and wonderful to choose from. You’re an adult, you’ve got this.



With your observation googles on, all you need are four principles - the acronym L-I-N-K to take your gifting to a higher level. 


The whole point of gifting is about relationships, right? So start with how your have-it-all person likes to be shown appreciation and loved. According to Gary Chapman, there are five love languages: #1: Words of Affirmation. #2: Physical Touch. #3: Receiving Gifts. #4: Quality Time. #5: Acts of Service.



There’s no need for a full psychometric analysis but in your interactions and you may notice that your have-it-all person you may notice them leaning towards some more than others. People tend to naturally give love in the way that they prefer.

For instance, is your have-it-all person always full of compliments to others? Words of affirmation could be their thing. This gift receiver will be enthralled with positive reinforcement via compliments or praise that shines light on something they did or who they are as a person. Say the beautiful words, text, wax lyrical in song or write it to them in a carefully selected card, with your own personalised message.


What is your gift recipient really into, particularly in their free time? How do they relax in downtime? What hobbies have they got? What topics or even colours excite them? Do they have a favourite snack, book or indulgence? 

Your gift recipient may relax with a good book, listening to music, manicures, mini-spa treatments, writing, painting, movies, running, hiking, cycling, golfing, crafting, fishing – tune into these, and select relevant gifts. A writer who still does this the old fashioned way on paper may appreciate a unique and carefully selected pen to get their creative juices running free. For an artist in their free time, you could get some art supplies (if they don’t already have a roomful!).


Think about the favourite snacks or treats of your gift recipient. If it’s a chocoholic, take them to chocolate heaven with a dizzying selection of high quality organic chocolates – throw in some old favourites and new emerging ones. Likes things hot, take a similar approach and send them to blow your taste bud out nirvana with new and exciting sauces and spiced gifts.

Alternatively, can you offer something like babysitting or other chores and responsibilities that helps them find more time for their hobby?

Basically, think of a gift that gives them either more time or useful resources to relax in their favourite way.

#3. N = NEEDS

We are either in need of money or time. However some people are short on both. For our has-it-all gift recipients, the likely is that they are short on time. There is also the possibility that the has-it-all gift recipient may be full on money and time!

For the recipient short on time, it’s prudent to avoid gifts they have to take time out to figure how to spend it (e.g. gift cards), or that are overly complicated that costs them time! If you must, consider a concierge service like ours to step in save valuable time and resources.

Our needs as humans varies from the basics of food and shelter to our growth needs psychologically – love and belonging, for self-fulfilment and spiritually. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, though imperfect, could be a helpful for insights into what your gift receiver may require. We can probably say that on that pyramid, your person with everything mostly like has most of their basic or deficiency needs met, so the next level needs are the ones to aim for.


Depending on their perceived psychological needs, can you do something together? Do they just want to spend time together or need someone to spend time with? This is a huge bonus for those rich on time and who have a love language of quality time, especially if you then combine this with a couple of their interests (order a large snack box, select a movie from their favourite genre and sit down together for movie night!). Alternatively. just do something you’ve both talked about or hoped to do for ages.

Sometimes the best thing we can give those around us is our time.

The flip side is that there are some who could do with some ‘distance’ time – they need some alone time and would value if you took their kids away for the week (their love language could be act of service and this could endear you to them forever)!


Kindness here captures the generous and genuine attempt to show care nature of your gifting as being as well as supportive of wider impact-making causes in society and to the environment. Does your gift recipient have a favourite charity or kind cause you could support? Does the gift you are choosing have a positive effect on wellbeing, the environment and society? Is your gifting ethical and sustainable? What good is your gifting doing to the recipient and beyond?

If you go through all the principles above, and you conclude that your proposed recipient already has more than enough stuff, and truly don’t want or need for anything, you could support their favourite charity by making a donation on their behalf.

If you go through all of the above and you arrive at your great gift idea, be sure to select gift(s) are ‘good’ – that is good for the environment, society, are ethical and sustainable. For even more kudos, choose gifts they like that benefit causes they care about – this could be fairer wages, buying local, supporting small businesses, artisans, first responders, the environment and lots more!


If your skills of observations are so not up to scratch and you’re still clueless and seriously at risk of another gift ending up in disappointment or the landfill… ask them directly. They’d probably be glad you did. Alternatively, contact us and we are always happy to help.

The important point in selecting the perfect gift for someone who has everything and wants for nothing is to find something truly relevant so you have to pay close attention, and learn more about the person. Learning more is about the LINK© - how the person likes to be appreciated and loved, their interests and tastes, their needs and finally kind causes and charities they are passionate about.

As our acronym suggests, gifting is about connections and relationships. Gifts can be reflections of the giver, receiver and their relationship. We give to establish them, confirm or reaffirm connections. 

Happy gifting!

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