Ways to Look After Yourself

Peace Lily Self Care Tips List

With the dark nights and early mornings, how are we all doing? Some of us are loving these cosy nights, others possibly not so much.

To get you through, we've together some tips to help with your self-care and wellbeing. Of course, we know these things and a reminder every now and then couldn't possible hurt, right?

 Peace Lily self Care Tips - Sleep

1, Get enough sleep

Why the starting point to this list? It's because sleep matter so much for your wellbeing! It allows your body and mind to recharge, leaving you feeling refreshed. When last did you get a good night's sleep?

Peace Lily Self Care Tips - Eat Well

2, Eat healthily

Eating well gives you the energy to keep active and get through your day. Good nutrition also helps your body repair - keeping your body in good form and keeping many preventable diseases away. 

Peace Lily Self Care Tips - Exercise Regularly

3, Exercise regularly

Getting physical is a great mood booster as it releases chemicals that make you feel happier. The benefits of exercise don't end there, and includes helping you maintain a healthy weight, keep many chronic diseases at bay, improves your energy level and helps you sleep better. 

4, Try to do something you enjoy everyday

You can also practice self-care alone doing something you enjoy, whether this is knitting, reading a book, playing sport or going on an autumn (or winter) walk.

Peace Lily Self Care Tips - Relax

5, Find ways to relax

You may need to schedule in your relaxation and self-care time to reconnect with yourself, whether it is meditation, walking the dog (or yourself!) or home spa time. Figure out what works for you and make the time.

Peace Lily Self Care Tips - Say Yes to Self Care

6, Learn to say no as you can't do everything!

Say no to others, and say yes to your self care. There are times you need to prioritise looking after yourself to put you in a great place to care for others.

Peace Lily Self Care Tips

7, Connect with people you like spending time with

You already know this: not all friends and family are great for your well-being! There are some people who are truly expert in draining your battery! Make a conscious choice on whom you would like to spend time with - whether it is a speaking to family and friends, watching a movie with them or a delicious dinner. If you can, keep things authentic and positive.

Peace Lily How To Look After Your Wellbeing

8, Write down things you are grateful for

The best thing about journaling or making notes about what you are grateful for is perspective: you get to shine light on the good things in your life, helping counter stress and having a positive impact on your wellbeing. You could try doing this just before bedtime and it could make a difference to you getting some quality shuteye.

We're back to our first tip - sleep. Isn't it fascinating how all the tips relate to each other as they help along your journey of self-care and improved wellbeing? As you take the time to care and love yourself, the benefits to your physical, mental and social health and wellbeing emerge and reinforce each other.

Self care is non-negotiable. You're far too precious.


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