What is corporate gifting and why give corporate gifts?

Corporate Gifting - Team giving gift to coworker or client

What is corporate gifting?

Corporate gifting is the act of giving gifts to clients, customers, or employees as a way of showing appreciation and building relationships. These gifts can range from simple items like pens, keychains, and mugs to more luxurious options like high-end leather bags, premium corporate gift hampers, electronics, and even vacations.


Corporate gifting is a great way to strengthen the bond between a company and its stakeholders, and to create a positive image for the brand. It can also be used as an incentive to motivate employees or to recognise their hard work and achievements. However, it is important to ensure that the gifts are appropriate, thoughtful, and aligned with the company's values and culture.


Corporate Gifting - Staff giving a gift


Why corporate gifting is important

Corporate gifting is an essential part of building and maintaining strong business relationships. It is a way to show appreciation for your clients, employees, and partners, and to remind them that they are valued members of your team.


Giving corporate gifts can help you to establish brand loyalty and create a positive image for your company. It is also a way to stand out from your competitors and to show that your business is willing to go the extra mile to make its clients and employees feel appreciated.


Additionally, corporate gifting can be a powerful marketing tool, as it allows you to put your brand in front of potential customers in a subtle yet effective way. Research has shown that businesses that have adopted corporate gifting have experienced significant growth in customer retention, employee motivation, and new business. All in all, corporate gifting is an investment in your business that can yield significant returns in terms of customer loyalty, employee satisfaction, and overall success.


Corporate Gifting Ideas


What are some corporate gifting ideas?

If you're looking to score extra points in the corporate gift-giving game, some winning options to consider include:

  • Food and drink is always a crowd-pleaser, with gourmet baskets and top-notch drinks and wine being popular picks.
  • Branded merchandise like mugs, notebooks, and pens help spread the word about your company while fostering a sense of belonging.
  • Gift cards or e-vouchers give recipients the freedom to choose a present they'll love, with the added bonus of bespoke packaging.
  • For a more personalised touch, opt for engraved pens, handmade photo frames, or other bespoke items that show you care.
  • Finally, experiential gifts like event tickets are sure to make a lasting impression.


Are you curious about the top corporate gifts that businesses are giving out? According to a recent survey, the top corporate gift picks are: First place goes to delicious goodies, with 35% of businesses satisfying taste buds with food and drinks. Next up, we have 29% of companies offering gift cards. 21% went the extra mile with monetary incentives like bonuses and commissions; and 20% of businesses provided unforgettable experiences such as concert tickets or a day out. Lastly, 16% knew the power of face-to-face connections, incorporating gifts with staff parties.


Corporate Gifting - Card on desk saying thank you


Corporate gift hampers are always a popular choice for businesses looking to give a memorable and practical gift. These hampers can be tailored to suit a variety of occasions, from thanking clients for their business to rewarding employees for their hard work. The contents of a corporate gift hamper can vary widely, but they often include items like gourmet food and drink, luxury toiletries, and branded merchandise. By choosing a corporate gift hamper, you can show your appreciation in a way that is both personal and professional. It's a thoughtful gesture that is sure to leave a lasting impression on the recipient.

What are good corporate gifts?

Curated gift options can be a great way to ensure that you are giving a gift that is both thoughtful and practical. Why settle for boring old gifts when you can make your corporate gifting game shine like a diamond? The world of corporate presents is your oyster! From quirky artisan gifts to luxurious hampers, there's something for everyone. Go for a gift that speaks to your brand and values, while also delighting the receiver.


To keep things easy, you could go for a pre-made corporate gift basket that's both practical and thoughtful. You can also explore our website or brochure for some more corporate gift ideas, business gift ideas, employee appreciation gifts, or client appreciation gifts. From our range of afternoon tea gift hampers, coffee and chocolate hampers, scented candles gift set to corporate gadget gifts, we have got you covered for artisan gifts, British-made corporate hampers and sustainable gifts.


Remember, the most important thing is to show gratitude and let your receiver know that they are valued. Happy gifting!

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