What Would We Do Without Friends?

Peace Lily Gifts Quote for International Friendship Day

This week is all about friendship, with International Friendship Day on Saturday, 30th July 2022. What would we do without our friends?

It’s important to us as a business to help you appreciate your loved ones. We care about bringing people together. Especially now more than ever, we need to be connected with each other.

Friendship means something different to everyone, but best friends are special, and bring a lot of brightness, joy and laughter into your life. For us friendship is about relationships, shared values, feeling connected with one another and learning from each other. Friendship can be shown in different ways, through listening, laughter, going on adventures or all the above. 

Peace Lily Gifts Why We Need Friends

Through thick and thin, good friends are always there for us. These are friends who support us and help us out. We can count on them to stand with us, but they can also give us critical feedback when needed. When we need a hug or have to rant about something, they are there to make us laugh and feel better. They make us feel heard and appreciated.

Who do you think of when reading this piece on friendship? Do you have a close friend who you want to thank, or show love to?  Time to reach out let them know how much you appreciate them? Why not treat them to something they’ll love?

Peace Lily Gifts Gifting Ideas for Friends for International Friendship Day

Come Saturday 30th July, how will you be celebrating? Have a good week, and we wish you a Happy International Friendship Day in advance!

- From Dele, Carla and Katie

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