Why Gift Giving is Good for You

Giving gifts is important and has benefits for the giver and recipients. Whatever form generosity takes, whether of our time, resources, emotions or support, it has been shown to be good for both the giver and recipients - spanning the physical, emotional, social and spiritual.

Here is a quick recap on why it is important to give, and it could be planned or spontaneous.

1. Generosity and giving brings you closer to the special people in your life.

Generosity and Gifting brings you closer to loved ones - Peace Lily Gfts

 2. Giving, including your time and emotions in listening, shows you are interested.

Giving your time and listening shows you care. - Peace Lily Gifts

3. Giving shows your appreciation and gratitude.

Giving shows your appreciation and gratitude. - Peace Lily Gifts

4. Giving promotes good karma.

Giving and generosity promoted good karma. - Peace Lily Gifts

5. Giving spreads love.

Giving spreads love. - Peace Lily Gifts

 6. Giving strengthens bonds with others.

Giving strengthens your bond with others. - Peace Lily Gifts 

7. Giving makes you feel happier.

You are happier when you give. - Peace Lily Gifts

8. You live longer!

You live longer when you give. - Peace Lily Gifts 

Giving and gifting is ultimately about connections and relationships. The benefits are lovely, and may just be the added bonus. Happy giving and gifting!

Gifting fosters togetherness. Remain connected. Happy Gifting. - Peace Lily Gifts


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