10.08.23 - Journalists & Entrepreneurs Forum

#Pitch 1 - We're waging war on 'boring' gifts, so you'll never have to see another pair of birthday socks or wash sets again!

I curate sustainable, handcrafted gifts and hampers to make gift-buying a breeze and put a stop to 'boring' presents.

After a series of health events and a loved one’s passing, I launched Peace Lily, my gift business. The inspiration came from a combination of a loved one’s mantra (buy once, buy right) and the look on a friend's face when they received a painfully dull birthday gift (that we knew was destined for landfill).

Nearly two years on, the business and our gift-filled hampers designed to last a lifetime (aside from the tasty treats!) have received features in Vogue and continue to help individuals and businesses find and give the perfect gifts.

I'm open to case studies for: a mid-life female (tech) founder; bootstrapping a start-up; gifting and seasonal gift ideas; client & employee appreciation; pivoting and starting afresh, and more!

Thanks for your time,

Dele | Founder
Gloucestershire | London